5 Tips to Keep Your Teeth as White as Possible

a photo of a woman's mouth with a very nice and white smileA smile is the best make-up a girl can wear! A perfect set of white teeth would only add to it. Worry not! Getting a perfect set of white teeth is not as hard as it used to be, with many options available at different prices too. These days you can walk into a dentist’s office and find out the most economical way that suits you most, to get those brilliant and radiant teeth under expert care. The option is attractive to both men and women.

1. Go to a dentist

The most convenient method of teeth whitening would be to visit a dentist. The process requires the dentist to take impressions of your teeth and on your second appointment, a unique gel that fits the mould of your teeth will be ready for you. This will be fitted to your teeth and is removed after about four hours. And voila! You will walk out of the clinic with pearl white teeth. The downside to this method is its price which is one of the most expensive, but considering the effects, it’s a price worth paying.

2. Apply whitening strips

Teeth whitening strips can also be used which are to be applied to your teeth before you go to bed and can be removed in the morning, leaving you with bright white teeth in a few days. The price of this method is comparatively lesser.

3. Use laser rays

Another method is the use of laser rays which has to be carried out by a dentist. The downside of this highly effective method is its very high price range.

4. Using whitening cents

Whitening agents for teeth whitening are also available which you can brush it in your teeth before sleep and wash it off the following morning. It is a very economical method of teeth whitening.

5. Don’t forget the toothpaste

No doubts about kinds of toothpaste being the cheapest alternative to costly teeth whitening methods. Even though the results may not be that great, teeth whitening toothpaste available in the market can be bought at reasonable prices.

The active ingredient used in teeth whitening is peroxide. The higher its content, the quicker the action. However, whitening agents having lesser peroxide content will bring far better solutions in spite of the results taking longer to show.

The peroxide acting on the enamel content of your teeth can affect their sensitivity.  Less material acting on the teeth would ensure less sensitive teeth. The price would also be the cheapest out of all options.

In the end, teeth whitening is only a call to the dentist away. So, don’t hesitate to get that perfect and confident smile. For more information, check out the video below:

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